This New Year, Let’s Accept and Not Protest.

New Year

The society is facing many issues from the last few days. We have lost our humanity, not only for mankind but also for the environment.

In the first place, we all protest against whatever the government does. We spread violence, haterade, and disagreement. Later on, we do accept it but after causing trouble to society.

Very few people have taken a step for the Swachh Bharat Mission or Plastic Ban. But for CAA and NRC, everyone has raised their voice in some way or the other.

This New Year, Let’s Accept and Not Protest!

Let’s accept whatever is going on and think about what can be done to improve.

Let’s accept the fact that we are the reason for the massive destruction.

We are the reason for climate change.

Let’s accept that environmental pollution spread all over is due to us.

We have ourselves degraded our lifestyle just by increasing the standard of living.

We should keep in mind that we are not the last generation on this planet.

What are we leaving for the future generation? Polluted water? Toxic air? An environment that is not suitable even for breathing?

Yes! We are doing that.

So, this new year, let’s accept and improve!

  • Let’s use fewer plastics as possible.
  • Let’s save water for people who do not have easy access to it.
  • Let’s not crave for little pleasures at the cost of the environment.
  • Let’s adopt new good habits to improve our lifestyle and not just standards.

Small baby steps now can create much impact in the future.

Common! Rise! Take a step! Not to protest but to ACCEPT.

Why not use the same energy and technology, that we used to protest, to spread these words and cause some positive impact on society.

Do share and comment your views!

Stay Tuned 🙂 .

I wish the reader A very Happy New Year! New Year with new opportunities, new challenges and new achievements.

Good Luck!


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