How To Master Time Management. (In 5 Powerful Steps).

Time Management

“Success takes Time and what it takes to be successful is the art of Time Management”.

TIME’, the most precious resource we all have.

But it’s only precious when we know how to use it.

Do you have a lot of things to do in a day?? But miss out doing something and that becomes a pressure for the next day.

You may miss out doing some important things


you may have some work which remains incomplete…

Well! That’s really frustrating…

I can understand!

But let me tell you, you are not alone.

There are lot of people who face the same problem. They are not able to complete their work within time. They often leave their work incomplete and the energy to restart that work gradually comes down. They think of doing it in the next day but…..

You know what’s happens after that!

So the lack of time is not the real problem..

The real problem is the lack of Time Management!

If you know how to manage your time, you not only complete all the work within time but also can plan your next action.

Now without any more delay, let’s find a solution to it. Let’s learn to manage time. Let’s learn to INVEST our time rather that spending it!

Follow these #5 powerful steps to master Time Management:

#1 Don’t waste your Time (It cannot be recycled):

Don't Waste Time

The first step of managing your time effectively is not to waste it. A lot of people do that.

We seldom realize how much we waste our time just by,

  • Scrolling through social media
  • Watching TV
  • Having useless conversations
  • Constantly worrying about the past and future.
  • Overthinking
  • Trying to please everyone and gain importance
  • Blaming others for own mistakes
  • Trying to win an argument
  • etc., etc…!!

Isn’t it?

Didn’t you find your ways of doing it?

How many? Two? Four?

Or maybe all of them. Just ask yourself.

So if you spend time in these useless kinds of stuff, how will you be able to manage your time.

Not wasting your time is the first step you have to take if you want to master time management. If you don’t do it, you won’t be able to complete your work. You will always fall short of time and that will become your habit.

You will plan and you will fail. But you won’t get that energy to restart. That will lead you to frustration and demotivation.

So stop wasting your time from now itself and you find a way to pre-plan your actions, that’s TIME MANAGEMENT.

[If you often face the problem of overthinking and want to get rid of it, here’s something you must read: A Powerful Way To Get Rid Of Overthinking. ]

#2 Plan your day!

Plan your Actions

When you wake up, plan your day instead of sticking to your mobile phone.

It seems difficult right?

Let’s make it simple..!

You don’t need to take a pen and paper and make a ‘to do list’. You just need to plan your day inside your mind.

Plan about the things you are gonna do and make sure those works are really productive. (If you are planning for what to wear on the party tonight, it’s not the right time. You can do that later).

Why I am telling this because when you wake up, your mind is fresh. Don’t stick to your phone because those notifications change your mood and fill your mind with useless stuff.

So think about your morning routine, what are the important works that you need to complete. What are those urgent tasks that you have to take. What you gonna do in your free time. Maybe read a book or do some cleaning.

Time Management is not just limited to how to complete all the works within time. It’s also planning things that you gonna do in your free time. Because those free time cannot be wasted as you have quit wasting time.

Even make those free time productive!

#3 Prioritize your works:

Prioritize your works

You may have planned a lot of things to do but are all of them equally important?

Some tasks may not be important, which can be done later. You have to figure out which is more important and which is less and then take action accordingly.

Don’t worry. There’s a simple way of doing it!

Look where do your works fit into these categories…

  • Important and Urgent: Do these tasks right away. Don’t wait for anything.
  • Important but not Urgent: These are tasks that you must do but you don’t need to rush out. You can do it later on.
  • Urgent but not Important: These are the tasks that seem important. But when you complete it, it has a little or no value.
  • Neither Urgent nor Important: These are the tasks that waste most of your time. Don’t spend your time doing these.

(These categories are given by Stephen Convey, co-author of the book First Things Firsts ).

Again, you don’t need to take a pen and paper to write those. Just think about it on the spot and wisely decide what task to take up next.

Make sure that you don’t multitask. Focus on one task at a time. A man running behind two rabbit catches neither.

#4 Assign time slots to your work:

Time Management

People often start doing things with dedication but after some time they feel tired and leave doing it.

That happens because there is lack of short-term goals.

Whenever you start any work, assign a time slot to it. When you do so, your brain is consciously under pressure and you are often able to complete that work on time.

When you plan to work and start doing it, it takes longer time than expected because you did not set a goal. Many things come and go that distracts your mind.

You fail to focus on your work.

Imagine doing the same work by assigning a time slot to it. Suppose one hour.

You become more focused now!

You know you have to complete it within an hour. You cannot afford to distract your mind.

So you then complete it within time. And even if you don’t, it still takes less time than it would have taken without the time slot.

Next time when you start doing something, make a short-term goal and assign a time to it. You will be more productive.

#5 Take Rest:

Take rest

Taking rest after work is equally important as completing all the tasks.

Sometimes you might be under pressure and both your mind and body become tired. No other work on that point of time is more important than taking rest.

That becomes an important and urgent work.

Don’t hesitate to rest (when it’s really needed) even if you have a lot of work pending. Your work can wait but healing your brain and body won’t.

So take rest whenever it’s needed and that will make you more productive.

Final Words

So you have learned to master Time Management. But is that learning enough?

No, right!

You have to take action. It won’t help you unless you take action. You will fail, but you will bounce back. You may have fewer results compare to efforts you put initially.

But when your efforts change into your habit, you will get compounding results. And that’s ‘Priceless’. So Take Action.

Remember: Time Management is one of the most important skill you must master if you want success in your career. ‘Time’ ones gone never comes back.

Either you just spend it or INVEST it, it’s all on your hand.

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Stay tuned 🙂 .


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