5 Habits That Are Dulling Your Brain.

Dull Brain

“It’s your habits that will either make you or break you. Choose them Wisely”

Ever wondered how your brain plays with you??

  • You sleep a lot but still feel sleepy the whole day.
  • You wake up feeling tired and have no energy.
  • You sit and think something and all that comes are negative thoughts.
  • You can’t fall asleep easily after going to bed.
  • You often get distracted.
  • You always feel exhausted and worried.
  • You lose concentration and motivation towards work.
  • etc., etc., etc

Do these things happen with you??

If yes, you are in trouble!

You are in big trouble just because of your habits…

Your habits are not letting you be productive. You are not aware of the negative impact that your habits are having on your mind and body.

The human brain produces what it intakes.

The habits you adopt will form your brain in that way. Good habits will lead to a healthy and sharp brain but bad habits will make it dull day by day.

The only way you can realize this is by quitting those habits and then seeing the results. You will then find how those habits made you so unproductive. You don’t need someone to show you, you will feel it within yourself.

Let’s see what are those habits that are making your brain dull.

#1. Not having enough sleep.

No Sleep

For some people, sleeping late at night is considered a sign of maturity.

They don’t get enough sleep and when they wake up, they feel stressed and tired the whole day.

When you sleep, your brain cells remove toxic elements that are dangerous for your body. It goes into a healing process where it removes all the stress and tiredness from the body. That is why we feel fresh when we wake up after a complete sleep.

Not getting enough sleep will have a negative effect on your brain cells. This will affect your body physically and make you feel tired. A continuous lack of sleep harms your memory too.

Try to quit this habit and always have enough sleep if you want to remain active and energetic. You will find the results very soon!

#2. Addiction to TV and web series.

TV Addiction

Your brain is almost dead if you are addicted to watching web series and other useless kinds of stuff. Watching these just for entertainment, to some extent, is considerable. But many have the habit of watching TV and series in their daily life.

Successful people never waste their time doing these things. Only an average mindset people are addicted to these. Because their brain is empty and to fill the emptiness they keep themselves busy in this kind of habit.

Do you know what this habit leads your brain too?

This leads to stopping your brain from working is critical times. You won’t be able to make quick decisions. It reduces your capability of decision making and critical thinking.

Well! you will never realize this happening. But when you quit and invest your time in watching useful content, you will find a difference in your thought process. You will feel the growth in yourself and will have access to the mindset of successful people.

So stop wasting time in these habits and invest your time in watching useful content.

#3. Having meaningless conversations.

Empty mind makes the noise

“Empty minds make the most noise”.

A lot of people have the habit of having worthless conversations on anything. They can talk about anything. They only need a person to listen to them.

People do this because they have an empty mind!

You will never find an intelligent person sitting and having useless gossip. They will keep themselves away from these conversations or will be quiet most of the time.

This habit won’t fill your mind but will make it more empty. You will find difficult to take proper and faster decisions. You often will feel lonely when there will be no one around.

Keep yourself away from meaningless conversations and speak only when it’s necessary. Always avoid engaging yourself in arguments and useless conservations.

#4. Sitting idle and not being active.

Sitting Idle

Laziness is not only physical but also mental. And mental laziness is even more dangerous than the physical one.

People spend most of the time just sitting idle and doing nothing. A little or no physical activity will lead to a feeling of laziness and tiredness.

When you don’t engage enough in physical activities, the tissues and muscles in your body become stiff and inactive. Due to this, the blood does not flow properly to your brain and in other parts of the body. Therefore, the brain, due to lack of blood flow, fails to work effectively and gets dull day by day.

You won’t get the energy to work. The brain will often demand rest even after working for a short period of time. You will feel sleepy the whole day in spite of complete sleep.

If this habit stays for a longer period of time, you can imagine your physical and mental condition after 10-15 years.

So stop sitting idle and engage yourself in some physical activities. Do some freehand exercise in the morning or go for a walk or play any sports. There are a lot of ways to keep yourself active. The only question is, will you?

#5. Multitasking.


A person is multitasking when he does more than one task at the same time. For example: Using a mobile phone while studying, having food and watching TV, driving and answering phone calls, etc., etc..

There are more disadvantages to multitasking than advantages. You can do many things at the same time but will achieve very little or nothing.

Our brain performs well when it’s focused on one thing. When we do more that one task at a time, the efficiency of work reduces. It may seem that you can do multiple tasks at the same time but your brain gets affected by the shift of attention from one task to another.

Multitasking doesn’t make you more productive. Rather, it makes you less productive and your brain loses the power of concentration.

If you often get distracted from work and cannot concentrate for a longer time. Multitasking is one of the reasons for this.

So stop multitasking and focus on one task at a time. It will help you to maintain your mental health and improve your power of concentration.

(You might be a busy person! Here are some Time Management Tips that will help you to avoid multitasking. )

Final Words

Remember: Your brain will produce what it intakes. If you adopt good habits, you will always have good mental and physical health. If you don’t, you will have to face those problems for a lifetime.

There is no other solution to improve your brain’s effectiveness other than adopting ‘Good Habits’.

  • If you can work for 5 hours, good habits will turn it into 8.
  • If you even sleep for 4 hours, good habits will keep you active the whole day.
  • If you face distractions, good habits will help you gain concentration easily.

All you need is to ‘Take Action‘. Unless you do that, nothing will change. Because to achieve something different, you need to do something different.

So take action and quit those bad habits if you have any!

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