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I am Manav Dugar from Kolkata, India. Welcome to my blog! I am glad that you checked out my About page. I am a blogger and a Digital Marketer and I am passionate about writing on Personal Development, Books, and Marketing.

What will you get from this blog?
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The site thebrainaire.com is all about gaining practical knowledge and True Education.

Everyone wants to be rich and live a luxury lifestyle. Everyone wants Financial Freedom. But people fail to achieve their dreams. And after failing for several times, they often Quit. You have to realize that you can never be successful unless you develop a Successful Mindset.

‘Brainaire’ means a brain with a very successful mindset. So the tagline says, “Be A Brainaire Before You Be A Billionaire”.

You must put your focus on ‘learning’ first. That learning attitude will help you to achieve your dreams. The article on this site will help you do so.

All the articles here focus on helping you to be a Brainaire.

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My Story: Why I started this blog?

I was an average student in my academics. I never felt the need to study as no one made me realize the importance of education. My school and my teachers never liked me for my poor performance.

As you know, your intelligence is judged by the numbers on your report card.

I was often scolded for my bad handwriting, marks, and my class performances. I never scored good grades in my school days but somehow managed to pass every year.

The table took a turn when I passed out my 10th examination. I was admitted to a new school with commerce as a stream. Even there, my performance was not so good initially. But I started realizing the value of education. (Not just marks, but True Education).

Gradually, I started concentrating on my studies keeping myself away from all distraction. I had a goal in my mind, not just to score good grades but to be very successful in future.

I completed my higher secondary with very good grades and took admission in one of the most reputed college in my city.

Scoring good grades, getting appreciation from the teachers, parting with friends, didn’t excite me anymore.

I knew that college won’t help me to reach the place where I want to go. So I started educating myself. I put my focus on developing myself in the way I want and the way I need. Following my college education would land me nowhere except a job.

Finding out what knowledge and experience I need to reach my goals was the toughest part. I consistently invested my time and money in places where I need to concentrate and improve myself.

Now, I have reached a state where I can share my knowledge and ideas with you people. Though there is a lot more to go.

I started this blog to help people invest their time to educate themselves. Education, in a true sense, apart from a formal college education. To be successful in the present generation, you need something more than a degree. ‘Something more’ is what I will try to share with you through my blogs.

I hope my blogs will be helpful to you.
Stay tuned for all the latest posts. 🙂

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